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- Actor Art Bonilla won the Best Actor Award at the Yosemite Film Fest.
- Director Kent Bassett has finished a new documentary project.
The Line won the Fusion Audience Award at Dances with Films Festival.
The cinematography of The Line is featured in the ASC's American Cinematographer and Kodak's InCamera Magazine
- The Line won the Spirit Award for Short Film at the Brooklyn International Film Festival (June 8, 2008).
- The Line won 2nd Place at the International Short Film Competition of the Boston Motion Picture Awards
- Cinematographer Andrew Davis won the 2007 ASC Lazlo Kovacs Heritage Award for his work on The Line.
- The Line won the 2008 Audience Award for Best Short at the San Luis Obispo Film Festival.
- The Line won Best Student Film at the Fallbrook Film Festival
- The Line won an award for student filmmaking at the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival.

Actor Art Bonilla at Yosemite Film Festival:

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Bill Dill, Sean Stiegemeier, Andrew Davis, and Jurg Walther: Two Chapman University graduates and their faculty mentors.

The Line has gone through a 2k digital intermediate and is on a 35mm print with Dolby SR surround sound:

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